The Cranach Institute is a research and educational arm of Concordia Theological Seminary devoted to working out the implications of the Lutheran doctrine of vocation and engaging contemporary culture with the truths of the Lutheran confessions.

Our Mission

The Cranach Institute sponsors programs, conferences, and research projects to help students, pastors, and laypeople engage the critical issues of the day and to exert a Biblical influence in the marketplace of ideas. For more information, please visit the About Us page.

Lucas Cranach Self-Portrait

Lucas Cranach
Lucas Cranach was a close friend of Martin Luther (they were godfathers of each other’s children) and became one of the most important artists of his day. Cranach is a model of a layman who applied his faith in his secular vocation, impacting the culture with his Biblical worldview and his Lutheran convictions.

Cranach's Dragon

Cranach signed his works with his family seal – a dragon bearing a ring, symbolizing Christ’s redemption of sinners – which is the logo of the Cranach Institute.

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