By Catechism Topics

If you look at the table of content  Martin Luther’s catechism, you will not see vocation, Two Kingdoms, a Christian understanding of secular culture, etc. At the same time, Luther’s catechisms offer probing insight with remarkable brevity on exactly those topics.

Because Luther’s Catechisms remain a wonderful summary of Scriptural teaching, we created this page, in effect, to help people visualize where, and how, Christian life questions are answered and addressed both in the catechisms and in supplemental material.

This also helps to illustrate that, although vocation–like other things–can be taught as a subject in itself, it is not in isolation. Rather, it is often explicitly where the rubber hits the road, where lessons meet life.

This page lists online resources, as opposed to recommending books

By Catechism Topic

Part 1. The Ten Commandments

Part 2. The Apostles Creed

  • The Triune God is the God of Creation
  • The Triune God is the God of Redemption
  • The Triune God is the God of the Church, Sanctification, and the ongoing Forgiveness of sins

Luther on the Clarity of ScriptureJames Nestingen

First Article

Finances and and all material matters are matters of God’s creation

Second Article

Third Article

Part 3. The Lord’s Prayer


Part 4. Baptism

The Call of Baptism relates to every Christian vocation.

Baptism as an Ongoing Reality and Influence in Christian Life

Part 5: The Office of the Keys and Confession

A Christian life may not appear different from an unbelievers.

Centrality of forgiveness within faith

Centrality of forgiveness in our relationships with others.

Part 6: The Lord’s Supper

Prayers for Daily Use

The Family Altar: The Discipline of Table Devotions for Daily SanctificationJohn Kleinig

Tables of Duties

In what ways are we free and in what ways are we bound?

What is the distinction between freedom and liberty?

How should we act when we don’t know what may be “best”?

Mercy and Witness/EvangelismJohn Pless

On Law & Gospel


On the Catechism Itself



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