Two Kingdoms & the Secular World

This page offers a selection of articles and presentations with Lutheran perspectives of the Two Kingdoms and the secular world.

They will be organized by topic, but please do contact us with both topics and articles to address.

Vocation, Faith and Science, Liberty & Christian Freedom, Lutheran Ethics, the Christian Mind, and New life in Christ have their own pages. 


Church and State

  • The goal (or telos) of Government and a Lutheran justification for political resistance, “Reflections on the End of Civil Government,” the Hausvater Project, July 2019.
  • Church and State” by Otto Debelius, anti-Nazi Lutheran Bishop in the time of Hilter, presented at Lutheran World Federation Assembly, Minneapolis, August 17, 1957.

Civil Religion

“The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and the Public Square in the Era of C. F. W. Walther,” The Anonymous God: The Church Confronts Civil Religious and American Society, Dr. Cameron MacKenzie, pp. 93-119.


  • How God Governs Economics, Session 1, Session 2, from the 2016 Just and Sinner Conference in Watseka, IL. Youtube. 



Bringing Christ to the Neighbor Workshop, Robert Kolb

Homosexuality & Related Matters


The Two Sexes

Two Kingdoms

“The kingdom of the Church does not exist alongside the kingdoms of the world; rather, it is in the kingdoms of the world, cutting across them—without disrupting them—like a hidden vein of gold” (C. F. W. Walther)

Lutheran Hour Ministries Bible Study, We the People: Citizens of Two Kingdoms, by Dale Meyer, with additional resources here.


The Christian Voice in the Civil Realm,” Dr. Gifford Grobien, CTW 78 (2014): 115-130.


World Hunger

  • Geography and World Hunger, Herbert Gross, Convocation at Concordia Seminary (St. Louis), November 13, 1974.
  • World Hunger, Edwin Nerger, Convocation held at Concordia Seminary (St. Louis), October 22, 1974


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